Deliberate Practice

I’m reading Angela Duckworth’s “Grit” at the moment ( and it is really resonating with me – particularly as I reflect on our coaching and transformation practices.

We sometimes struggle when the teams we are transforming enter the montage – you know…that bit in the movie where all the hero’s hard work happens, training sessions, wax-on-wax-off over and over again. In the movies the montage only lasts for a few moments, and is usually backed up by rousing music and then rounds off with a triumphant run to the top of the stairs (yes…Rocky!). The struggle we face is the enui/ennui of the transformation and we don’t have the uplifting sound tracks and the run to the top of the stairs is probably months away!

This is where the focus and attention paid to the basic behaviours can really impact. I enjoyed how Angela talked about the difference between doing the same practice again and again with little value add, and then the understanding of how deliberate practice can change how people gain mastery.

Deliberate Practice ( allows teams to grow and continue to emerge their mastery. So when we are transforming an organisation or a team getting people to understand and apply deliberate practice is key. The role of our basic behaviours is vital in this, and to apply deliberate practice mindsets to them is also vital.

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