Learning to THRIVE

With all transformations there has to be an overarching point to the transformation. For me that point is not about money or productivity or improvement to a process. For me the point of any transformative approach has to be about the people and the teams they create.

The model that I have focused on is helping teams to THRIVE.


Team Centric – focusing on each other, supporting and working together, rather than a hero culture or meritocracy. Teams who respect each others skills and try to work well together.

High Performing – Teams that focus on being the best they can be, developing all the attributes of high performance that allows them to own their own way of working.

Responsible – teams that own their own work, their own processes and their own delivery approaches. The responsibility process (Chris Avery) is a great place to start:

The Keys to Responsibility™, i.e., to unlocking and mastering responsibility, through daily practice are:

  1. INTENTION – Intending to respond from Responsibility when things go wrong.
  2. AWARENESS – Catching yourself in the mental states of Denial, Lay Blame, Justify, Shame, Obligation, and Quit.
  3. CONFRONT – Facing yourself to see what is true that you can learn, correct, or improve.

Improvement Focused – as with all high performing teams, teams that THRIVE are constantly looking to be better, thinking about new and exciting ways to maximise their potential.

Value based – having a true understanding of the value that the team produces is very important for a team focused on being responsible and looking for improvement. Teams that can self identify their value proposition know how to point themselves in the right direction.

Energised – enthusiasm, eagerness, vibrancy are all elements of a THRIVING team, so helping teams know where their energy comes from, how to tap into their inner power-house. This is where teams build and grow their resiliance to any hurdles they encounter.

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