Self Experimentation – Experiment 1

I’m always researching and learning about new and interesting ways to look at life, the universe and everything. Lately I have been focusing on personal head-space and how to increase your ability to think more clearly, as well as provide the clarity of thinking that I want. At the moment everything seems to be pointing at waking up early. I saw this Tedx video yesterday and it really resonated with me (#21earlydays). So now I am applying the experiment.

I really like the idea of the self experimentation as well, I am keen to see and learn the impacts of change on myself. In my role change is central, so I am trying to understand how people deal with change so that we can make change more accessible to people in a non-confrontational way. AlarmClock

Day 1 – I did not sleep well last night because I was waiting for the alarm to go off. But when it did I leapt out of bed enthusiastically. There is something interesting about trying something new that gives you enthusiasm in the most odd ways (especially at 4.30 am). The dogs were very excited to see me so early in the morning, they thought they were going to get an early breakfast, but when they settled down and went back to their beds quite happily too. Now I am enjoying my reading and writing in the lovely clear calm of the morning and very much looking forward to walking the dogs after I finish this blog and some more reading research. It is going to be interesting how today goes.

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