Experiment 1 – The First Weekend

Day 4 dawns bright and clear, oh, hang on…not yet! It is still pitch black outside, and I have not checked the weather yet, but it is Brisbane so it will be another glorious day! Day 4 already and I’m up and I’m on leave today and I still got up. I’m going to be be very interested in the impact of the weekend on my experiment.

I’ve had quite a few people stop my my office and talk about the experiment. It’s been good to explain why I am doing it for personal reasons (finding headspace) and also for professional reasons (finding ways to increase motivation and productivity in teams). Its also been really fun talking to people who have already discovered the value of early rising, and those who are horrified! My favourite quotes was from one of my team who said “They have 4.30 in the morning now?”

So now onto my leave day – very nicely extended by a few hours already! I am really looking forward to having the extra time to spend doing the things I love, with those that I love. I think that I will enjoy the weekends more than I will the weekdays…but lets see!

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