Experiment 1 – Saturday and Sunday


Needed the alarm on Saturday morning, badly! Normally I wake just before the alarm, or the instant it goes off, but Saturday morning I was well and truely asleep and my alarm went for 4 minutes before it roused me. The temptation to turn it off and roll over was huge, but I stuck with it (yay!!) and here I am typing away first thing on a Saturday morning.

Day 4 – Friday was a long day, in a wonderful way! I had the day off work for some personal activities that I needed to get done (who else loves going to the accountant?). But instead of the day being rushed and harried, I had all morning to prepare, then watch some TV (who else binges on Netflix?) then take the dogs to the park, then go and do what I needed to do, then come back and relax. I did find that I could have quite happily had a nana nap in the afternoon though. I resisted, but it was hard! Slept like a log (per my opening paragraph!)

Day 5, a Saturday, looks like being another long day too (yippee!) I am used to the weekends flying by, but now they take their time. I was able to spend time doing things that I always wanted to do but didn’t seem to get the chance.

Day 6 -Sunday again looked long and full. I slept brilliantly on Saturday night, it had been a great day full of events and activities, and again I was wonderfully tired by the time we went to bed. Sunday morning though was a bit slow, probably due to the pain killers for my back, but I am up and doing things. I did need the alarm again. At the moment I am listening to Ted Talks in the morning too – I figured that I am going to use the morning time wisely to grow my thoughts too!

So with the weekend over, it was a full weekend, restful at times, packed with activity at times, but absolutely great for recovering from the week. Now I am excited about the rest of the week and looking forward to the next 14 days of #21earlydays.



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