Experiment 1 – Behaviour changes

Reflecting on Day 7 – I do a lot of writing and content creation in my role, and now that I am up at 4.30 I realise that I have actually done this, as in getting up early, most of my life. It must be my subconscious kicking in and kicking me out of bed say “now you know what to write/say” because I have found myself writing away many a time at 4am. So that may explain why this is such a natural fit for me. Hard some times, but that just tells me other aspects of my behaviours that I need to examine.

So what are these knock on effects of an early start?

  1. better sleep practices – as I know that sleep is better than ever, I work harder at prepping for sleep more effectively
  2. more exercise – no excuses about lack of time now! Since the challenge began I have walked an increased 2.5 km per day
  3. prioritisation – if I am going to be out of my nice warm bed, I need to make it worth while
  4. less structutre – I now have time to mull things over, go and do what I feel like doing, rather than following the list that I have prepared. I have time to sit and reflect, to think
  5. more thinking – I had an amazing conversation with my husband about magnetic fields, wireless electricity and how we can create energy from simply harnessing the rotation of the planet (it was a Saturday late lunch)
  6. better behaved dogs – because I am up early and walking the dogs their routine is changing too – my 18 month old springer spaniel is now calming down a bit and learning how to walk well with me – a huge bonus!

Surprising myself this morning though (dawn of Day 8) in that when I got out of bed this morning the first thing I thought of was…”I can’t wait to sleep in”. I think that reflects that I did not go to bed early enough last night. I stayed up late (yup – all night until 9.30!) and that meant that instead of my 8 hours I only got less than 7 and I am feeling it.

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