The Montage of Experiment 1

As I mentioned previously on the dawn of day 8 of #21earlydays I found myself longing for a sleep in. As I am experimenting with building habits and bedding down behavioural changes I am not surprised that I felt that, but it was a wake up call (pun intended!) as I know that as I enter the montage, I need to dig deep to persist the change!

In a previous post I have talked about the montage in organisational change. This is the hard stage of any transformation – the fun and excitement of the change has gone, and now there is just the hard slog to bed the change in, make it the new norm. The worst bit about doing it in real life is that there is no snazzy, uplifting soundtrack to go with it!

Day 8 – woke up thinking about sleep, got over it! Then had a cracker of a day! I felt good and motivated all day. Had one of those really productive days where lots happened and lots got done too. Was tired when I got home and quite happily went to bed at 8.30

Day 9 – work up before the alarm, enjoyed lying in bed but being awake, it gave me time to mull and think – exactly what I am doing this experiment for! I wonder if I feel like I have more time in my day because I am paying attention to my day more closely? Every day I get up and count the number of days on the experiment….I may keep doing that after the 21 days to see how it works out. Other bonuses is that I am now spending 30 mins each morning learning but reading or listening to TED talks. Loving the though provocation!

Day 10 – woke up at 3am (yikes!) lots bouncing around my head! But enjoyed just lying in bed until time to get up. Had a late night last night (9.30) so am a bit tired today, but up none the less and keen to get the day underway! Focused on writing a blog this morning, got so immersed no dog walking happened – poor puppies! The day is dragging and feeling very long!

Day 11 – Now I am tired. For some reason I am feeling very tired in the mornings and in the afternoons. I went to bed at 8pm last night and fell straight asleep. I had a great nights sleep, but woke up at 3 again, dozed until 4.30 and then got up. Yesterday I did get so immersed in writing a blog that I did not walk the dogs. Not going to let that happen today. I am enjoying the time of the early morning, but I am tired too. I’m spending time thinking about sleeping in, and I can hear my thoughts rationalising how if I sleep in on the weekend I’m “not really” breaking the challenge of getting up 21 days in a row. I know I will be, so I am going to fight very hard to keep getting up. I do however see a nana nap in my future!

Its been a long week, and it has been challenging, but it is still worth it! Now off for my daily dose of Ted!




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