Experiment 1 – Weekend 2

I thought I would be more tired, I thought I would try and talk myself into sleeping in, I thought that this would be the weekend that I cracked, if I was going to crack. But here it is day 12 of #21earlydays and I am still going strong.

When I complete the habit creation (21 days of the same activity) I will have given myself 21 extra hours in my life which I have used for reflection, learning and just plain personal headspace. It has shown me a lot about the value of personal time, and the value of just taking time to think. I have also had the added bonus of having the time to write my keynote presentation for LAST in Brisbane in 2017.

I feel like I have been more balanced and less stressed. Although I will acknowledge I have also been more tired, but I have also slept much more well too. It is a very interesting experiment and I am keen to see how it continues to play out!


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