Agile2017 Recap – Day 2

Great topics here! Love the PMO summary – going to share this at work too! Thanks J!!

Joanna Vahlsing, PMP

The morning got off to a great start by having breakfast with my professional idol, Johanna Rothman. We enjoyed the conference breakfast and caught up with what’s the latest in our lives. One of the highlights of the conference so far for sure! I really appreciated her spending some time with me.

Creating Leadership and Engagement at Every Level

This morning’s keynote was Creating Leadership and Engagement at Every Level by David Marquet, and wow, it was a good one. Definitely, check out the video when it’s posted online, and I’ll hit the highlights here.

David’s keynote was a story of him taking command over the USS Santa Fe, one of the poorest performing submarine teams in the Navy at the time, and he focused on:

  • Converting an attitude of “just following a command” to a “thinking” one.
  • The importance of language and mindsets.
  • The distinction between Blue Work…

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