Experiment 1 – Free Mojo!

Have you ever lost your mojo? Ever feel like you are missing some zing? Ever think “there should be more”?

“there should be…..more”

I didn’t think that I was down on mojo, but after 16 days of getting up early (#21earlydays) I am finding that I seem to have more “mojo” than ever. So what is mojo? To me it is motivational juice. It is the thing that gets you doing other things. Years ago after a major personal trauma I lost my mojo and it took ages for it to come back, now I seem to have stumbled on a way to get it almost for free!

So what is giving me the mojo? I think that it is the sense of achievement or accomplishment that comes with setting yourself a challenge and sticking with it. I also think it is about viewing the challenge as an experiment, and recognising that any result (good or bad, success or failure) is actually a result, and that you can learn from it. This removes any fear of failure. The important thing is to give it a go and try something new, to challenge yourself, even if doing it privately.

So how can we translate this into others? If only it was able to be bottled, and then we can say “have a few drops of mojo and lets think about the changes we may make”. But it’s not that easy and mojo does not come in a bottle. Mojo comes from within and can only be sourced by the individual.

We need to set up environments where individuals feel safe to uncork their inner mojo bottle, and show us the effects of using it. There is a lot of talk about psychological safety at work, and I think that it is the cornerstone to uncorking the mojo bottles. So now we just need to establish those safe zones!


So now I’m thinking about what makes me feel safe and how we can help our teams feel safer.

  1. information about strategies and approaches
  2. coaching for skills growth
  3. guidance without directing
  4. safe to fail mindsets
  5. focus on experiments

Lots to think about on this one!

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