Agile2017 Recap – Day 3

Joanna Vahlsing, PMP

Today, I had a un-conference experience, which was different and exciting. It just goes to show you the variety that’s offered at Agile2017 and why I love this conference.

I wasn’t able to participate in the morning sessions because I had a few work meetings that I needed to attend, and that’s okay.

After lunch out by the pool (again, it’s nice to be outside, even in 90+ degree weather), I headed to my first session, the Audacious Salon on Imposter Syndrome (Part 1). Candidly, I only planned to stay for the first part because there are so many options and competing sessions. Well, five minutes in, and I realized, yeah, this is how I’m spending my afternoon, and I’m coming back for Part 2. Thanks Billie!

Three hours later, after several exercises that got us in touch with our Imposter Syndrome tendencies and strategies for dealing with it…

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